Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Update on complaint against NZ ETS surgeon Murray MacCormick

The following was written by the ETS patient who is making the complaint. They have given their permission for this to be circulated.


"Still no reply to my letter dated 2 April, 2010, to Murray MacCormick.

"My advocate from the Health and Disability Commissioner came over this morning and we talked. She had a copy of the Kiwi ETS Group's support letter to the Commissioner and was very impressed with it. She had also read the web pages I had given her and was quite surprised that the surgeon continues to perform ETS and said this is a very valid complaint.

"However, an advocate goes into the meeting and says nothing. They are there only to call a meeting off should it "get ugly". Without her being able to help or say anything it seems pointless. I would probably be so upset and make a complete fool of myself and my surgeon would probably suggest a shrink.

"All MacCormick is required to say is sorry. Not good enough.

"When you go to these meetings you are only allowed to talk about yourself, others are not to be mentioned.

"When or if MacCormick's response letter arrives, I will leave a message with his secretary saying that his reply took too long and my complaint has now gone to the Commissioner.

"I encourage others to do the same, whether our complaints go in together or separately."


The Kiwi ETS group is supporting this patient in complaining to the HDC, and we urge any unsatisfied ETS patients of Murray MacCormick to make a complaint.

One complaint about one surgeon is nothing out of the ordinary to the Health and Disability Commissioner. However, several complaints about one surgeon from patients who all had the same surgery should hopefully be cause for alarm and warrant a thorough investigation.

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