Tuesday, April 6, 2010

ETS surgeons in NZ and abroad

To help other ETS patients find this blog - whether they be potential ETS patients or patients who regret having had ETS - I will list the names of all the ETS surgeons I am aware of.

ETS surgeons in New Zealand:
Murray MacCormick (Auckland)
David Ferrar (Hamilton)
Thodur Vasudevan (Hamilton)
Ross Blair (Tauranga)
John Mercer (Christchurch)
David Lewis (Christchurch)
Malcolm Gordon (Christchurch)

ETS surgeons in Australia:
Peter Y Milne
Barry Beiles
Roger Bell
Hamilton White
Raffi Qasabian
John Preston Harris
Sanjay Sharma
Marek Garbowski
Philip Middleton
David Marshman
Spero Raptis
Ben Anderson
Chris Hensman
Richard Gilhome
Ray McHenry

ETS surgeons in the UK:
Christer Drott
-Drott used to practise in Sweden and performed ETS on thousands of patients throughout the '90s. Drott stopped practising in Sweden when a Swedish support group for those living with disabling side effects from ETS gained widespread media attention and ETS was temporarily banned in that country.

Goran Claes
-As above...Drott and Claes now practise on Harley Street in London.

There are likely many more ETS surgeons that I am not yet aware of. I will add more surgeons' names with time.

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