Monday, November 1, 2010

Quick update on complaint against ETS surgeon Dr Murray MacCormick

This is a just a quick note to say that the complaint made to the Health and Disability Commissioner (HDC) is still in progress.

-The HDC contacted Dr MacCormick and gave him a chance to respond to the complaint.

-After hearing Dr MacCormick's response, the HDC decided to seek 'expert' opinion from an 'independent' vascular surgeon, and notified the Kiwi ETS Group of this by letter.

-The Kiwi ETS Group emailed the HDC after receiving the letter, asking them to bear in mind several key aspects of our complaint that we do not believe should or can be affected or changed by a second 'expert' opinion (e.g., the lack of informed consent and strongly suspected misdiagnosis, the surgeon's lack of care and professionalism).

We also re-highlighted that the side effects the ETS patient is suffering from are documented and well known - not rare - and that a vascular surgeon is NOT an expert in the Autonomic Nervous System. We asked the HDC to consider consulting a neurologist, and to review the medical literature we sent them copies of.