Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Sydney ETS patient starts legal proceedings against surgeon

Our friend in Sydney, who had ETS for palmar hyperhidrosis and now lives with numerous severe and disabling side effects as a result, has given me permission to announce the following.

I wanted to announce that I have started legal proceedings against my ETS surgeon.

I hope that the case will generate some much needed publicity, debate, awareness and will expose (debunk) the pseudoscience these surgeons rely on.

No matter what the outcome, it might also serve as a warning for insurance companies who no doubt will react very sensitively to the prospect of having to pay compensation for an unproven, unexamined 'cure'.

I truly believe that the publicity generated from this (or any other ETS case that is presented and represented well) can open the doors for a class action and a change in how doctors will have to inform their patients in general.

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