Monday, April 18, 2011

A NEW complaint against Auckland ETS surgeon Murray MacCormick

The Kiwi ETS Group recently learned that a NEW complaint has been made against Auckland ETS surgeon Murray MacCormick, by a patient who has been living with numerous distressing health problems since Dr MacCormick performed ETS on them for facial blushing.

The HDC reference code for this latest complaint is:

And the HDC for the complaint that was made about Dr MacCormick last year is: C10HDC00679

Anyone who has had a bad outcome after having ETS surgery with Dr MacCormick, and who is considering making a formal complaint, is welcome to, and encouraged to, reference these two other complaints in support of their own complaint.

Two complaints against Dr MacCormick by two New Zealand ETS patients, in less than a year, is a positive step. Little by little, we can all play our part to raise awareness of the risks of ETS among prospective patients, and to protest the failings in the medical system.

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  1. "Fifty-one percent of the participants claimed that their quality of life decreased moderately or severely as a result of CS"

    You have to read very carefully in order to get this information/fact, because the article is 'padded' with the enthusiasm (and bias) of the author, an advocate of this procedure. But at least it well illustrates the problems associated with elective surgeries: not being heard by the surgeons, and the feedback not being represented in the information given to prospective patients.