Tuesday, February 1, 2011

The numbers tell a story....

These are the pageviews for this blog, by country, from May 2010 up to today:

New Zealand 696

United States 168

United Kingdom 141

Australia 121

Canada 34

Russia 34

Ukraine 26

Netherlands 25

Peru 23

Spain 18

This blog received 200 pageviews in January 2011 alone, from the following countries (in order of highest to lowest number of pageviews): New Zealand, Australia, United States, India, United Kingdom, Singapore, Canada, Germany, Malaysia, Netherlands.

Common key words used in Google searches that lead to this blog are:
endoscopic thoracic sympathectomy disability

1 comment:

  1. I had ets surgery...and all I can say is that I regret it! It was the worst decision I've made in my entire life. I'm experiencing all the bad side effects that you could all imagine. I'm not happy and it's very sad that my doctor didn't tell me everything I need to know.