Tuesday, August 3, 2010

Another update on complaint against NZ ETS surgeon Murray MacCormick

The Kiwi ETS Group heard from the Health and Disability Commission (HDC) today. It turns out that, for the last two months, the complaint submitted by our group on behalf of a Kiwi ETS patient has been with the HDC's legal team.

It's not as exciting as it sounds....the HDC's legal team were simply determining whether or not to consider the complaint as separate to an earlier complaint made by the same patient against the same surgeon.

Now that the HDC's legal team have concluded that this most recent complaint is a new, separate complaint (this had already been specifically pointed out when the Kiwi ETS Group contacted the HDC in writing in June....), the complaint has been returned to the HDC and Auckland ETS surgeon Murray MacCormick should be contacted by the HDC any day now regarding the complaint, if he hasn't already.

So, the process of investigating the complaint has finally begun.

We are a bit disappointed that it has taken this long - 2 months - for the complaint investigation process to get started, and more so that the HDC did not contact us at all during the last 2 months to simply let us know what was happening. Still, at least the ball is now rolling.

(Please refer to older posts to read more about the story beind this complaint.)

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