Monday, June 14, 2010

Second update on complaint against NZ ETS surgeon Murray MacCormick

The Kiwi ETS group has made a complaint, on behalf of a New Zealand ETS patient, to the Health and Disability Commissioner about prolific Auckland ETS surgeon Dr Murray MacCormick.

The Kiwi ETS Group has highlighted the following in the complaint:

-We believe that Murray MacCormick failed to fully inform the patient about common and documented side effects of ETS;

-We believe Murray MacCormick misdiagnosed the patient's midlife facial sweating as hyperhidrosis depite the fact there were numerous red flags indicating the patient's condition was not hyperhidrosis;

-We believe Murray MacCormick showed an overall lack of care, professionalism and ethics in dealing with this patient;

-The Kiwi ETS group has evidence and anecdotal evidence that Murray MacCormick has a history of unhappy ETS patients, all of whom we believe he failed to inform about the common and documented side effects of ETS.

Updates on how the complaint progresses will be posted here.

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